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The Captain - Pain is Temporary, Pride is forever.

10 Cups 1 Dynasty

dread the red
31 August
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all-star games, animal suit driveby, ben wallace, blue lines, boarding, bobble heads, body checking, brandon inge, brendan shanahan, brett hull, bryan smolinski, canada, carlos guillen, carlos peña, center ice, centers, charging, chris chelios, cross checking, cursive, darren mccarty, dead poetic, detroit, detroit lions, detroit pistons, detroit red wings, detroit shock, detroit tigers, draft day, enforcers, every time i die, face offs, fighting, five hole, forechecking, goal sirens, goalies, goals, hat tricks, high sticking, hockey, hockeytown, home games, hooking, ice, jerseys, johnny cash, kirk maltby, kris draper, left wingers, linemates, locker rooms, manny legace, martin st. louis, mathieu schneider, miracle, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, neutral zone, nhl, nicklas lidstrom, niklas kronwall, octopi, of montreal, offensive zone, officials, offsides, omar infante, original six, overtime, pavel datsyuk, penalty boxes, penalty kills, penalty shots, play-by-play, playoffs, poke checking, power plays, pucks, pulling the goalie, ray whitney, red lines, right wingers, rilo kiley, rinks, robert lang, roughing, russian 5, sean avery, senses fail, shane halter, shorthanded goals, shutouts, simon carter, sin bins, skates, slapshot, slapshots, slashing, spearing, sports, sportscenter, stanley cup, steve sparks, steve yzerman, stuart scott, stylex, sudden-death overtime, tampa bay lightning, the bled, the crease, the grind line, the killers, the smiths, the wave, time-outs, tomas holmstrom, uncontrollable riots, unsportsmanlike conduct